Holiday Highlights: The Best Sound Systems For Under $500

Struggling to choose the best gift for your friends and family as the holidays approach? Then why not give them something they can enjoy throughout the year? No matter their interests or tastes, they’re sure to appreciate a new home audio system. From watching movies to playing video games to catching up on their favourite shows, there’s no shortage of ways a soundbar or speaker set can enhance their lives.

If sound equipment seems like a great gift but you’re worried you can’t afford it, worry not. Some of the best audio systems on the market cost less than $500. Just take a look at:

sonos play 1 saleSonos Wireless Speakers

Sonos speaker system is the gift that keeps on giving. Designed to adapt to local acoustics, these speakers get better the longer they’re played. They stream music directly from WiFi rather than mobile devices, meaning your friends won’t be interrupted by notifications or calls as they listen to their favorite songs. You can buy two Sonos Play 1 units for just under $400; these small but powerful speakers can be mounted in a wide range of heights and locations, including a left-right stereo configuration. Alternatively, consider buying a single Sonos Play 3 unit; this will provide a richer array of sounds, especially for bass.

Kanto YU4 Speakers

Designed to maximize both form and function, these speakers offer crisp sound quality at any volume, as well as:

  • A Variety of Finishes– From gloss black to bamboo to matte grey to gloss teal, these speakers come in countless different finishes and colors, allowing you to match them to the appearance of each room.
  • Flexible Connection Features– Kanto YU4 speakers support 2x Optical Audio, Bluetooth, RCA, and a myriad of other inputs. You can even connect them to a turntable, making these the perfect present for friends who love vinyl.
  • Remote Management– With the push of a button, you can adjust the volume, switch between inputs, and control all other aspects of these speakers.

Denon Heos 1 SpeakersDenon Heos 1 & 3 Speakers

Available in either stark black or clear white, Denon Heos speakers are ideal for supporting high-resolution audio. When linked to an AAC or MP3 source, they can play audio up to 320kbps; with WAV, FLAC, and ALAC sources, they play up to 24-bit and 192kHz audio. Denon Heos speakers also come with 3.5-millimeter audio jacks, making it easier to play music from analog sources.

For those shopping on a $500 budget, consider the Heos 3, which comes with a Class D amplifier and two sound channels. You could also choose a pair of portable Heos 1 speakers, which provide similar quality audio on the go. You’ll have enough money left over to get the Heos 1 Go Pack, which allows you to carry and charge those twin speakers in any environment.

yamaha yas107 soundbarThe Yamaha YAS107 Soundbar

Designed for use with televisions and home theatre systems, the YAS107 soundbar offers 3D surround sound from a convenient, compact source. It is notable for providing quality bass without needing a separate subwoofer, as well as for its high level of adaptability. This soundbar comes in five different modes, each tailored to different types of programs: television, movies, sports, music, and video games. The YAS107 is compatible with Bluetooth, and can be hooked up to your TV with a single HDMI cord.

Samsung 3.1 channel soundbarThe Samsung HWK550 Soundbar

Whereas the YAS107 balances a wide variety of different types of content, this soundbar is designed to maximize TV and movies specifically. The HWK550 comes with a built-in subwoofer as well as three separate audio channels. The middle of these channels focuses specifically on dialog, allowing you to hear characters clearly even while enjoying other sounds and music in the same scene. This speaker thus makes the perfect gift for film and television buffs.

If you’re still not sold on these speakers, consider that each device is fully powered, and that you don’t need to buy any receivers or other equipment to use them. This means that you can give your friends and family a full surround sound experience for the cost of the speakers alone. For more information on these and other holiday gift options, visit our online store today!

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