Wake Well Rested

Getting a good nights rest should not be a gamble. 

Rest Assured that you will love your new mattress. 

If the Galaxy mattress isn’t for you, we are here to help.

Why the Galaxy?

The Galaxy Mattress features Hybrid technology, involving both a pocket coil support system in combination of comfort layers to ensure you get the most comfortable rest, while still getting the support you need.

Why 100 Nights is needed & other Important Information

It Takes Time To Adjust

Good Things come with time

Just like a good leather shoe, your body needs time to adjust to the enhanced support of the Galaxy Mattress. Over time both your body and the mattress will adapt. Ensuring comfort and support are both achieved. 

We recommend at least 60 continuous nights on the Galaxy mattress to allow your body to adapt to the new support system. 

Proper Support

The house is only as strong as the foundation it is built on

The Galaxy Mattress is designed to provide support and comfort. In order to achieve this, the mattress must be properly supported. A proper foundation, platform, or power base is required. Solid support from head to toe. 

Not Loving Your New Mattress

We are here to help 

We will work with you individually to hear your concerns and our sleep experts will offer suggestions to improve your rest. We want you to be sleeping better than ever. 

Not so fine print

1. You must have your Galaxy Mattress in your home for a minimum of 60 nights. This is the minimum time required for your body to adjust to the new support it is feeling 

2. A proper support system must be in place. Your existing box spring might not be providing the proper foundation the Galaxy mattress requires. Proof of receipt of box-spring, support system will be requested. Must be newer than 2 years old to ensure proper foundation is achieved. 

3. We may request pictures of the mattress and your foundation. To offer any suggestions on how to improve your nights sleep 

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