Ranges are an essential kitchen appliance for most modern households. From baking cakes to roasting vegetables, ranges allow us to make a plethora of delicious dishes. But ranges are not just useful kitchen tools – they are also fascinating appliances with a long and interesting history.

The origins of the oven can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where the first known ranges were used to bake bread. Modern range technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing users to program settings, preheat and even self-clean. With so many options, choosing the right range for your lifestyle can be a challenge.

When shopping for a range, consider the size of the oven, the type of fuel it uses, the features it offers and the cost. Electric ranges are easy to use and widely available, but some prefer the more traditional gas ranges. Convection ranges are a great choice for those who need to cook large quantities of food quickly. To find your perfect range, shop Furniture Galaxy’s large selection in Bonnyville or Cold Lake, or shop appliances online today.

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