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SAMSUNG CANADA 5.2 Cu.Ft. WF6300B Washer with Steam Wash and Super Speed (WF45B6300AP)

  • Eliminate stains without pre-treatment using Steam Wash.
  • Finish a full load in 28 minutes using the Super Speed feature.
  • Remotely control & monitor via SmartThings app

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Super Speed
Cut your laundry time in half and clean clothes thoroughly.

Large Capacity (5.2 cu. ft.)
Wash many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort.

Flexible Installation
Fit in your home efficiently & flexibly

Wash in 28 minutes
Super Speed
Cut your laundry time in half and clean clothes thoroughly. Use Super Speed to wash a full load in 28 minutes*. A powerful water spray helps detergent penetrate fabrics faster and speeds up rinsing. A larger diameter drum cleans with more force and a Swirl+ pattern extracts water effectively.

Wash more at once
Large Capacity (5.2 cu. ft.)
Wash many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. The washing machine has a large capacity of 5.2 cu. ft., so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to wash fewer loads and can enjoy more time for yourself.

Smart laundry care
Use your washer more easily and effectively with the SmartThings App*. The Laundry Recipe recommends the best wash cycle***. The Laundry Planner optimizes your daily schedule****. A HomeCare Wizard enables troubleshooting. And Auto Cycle Link***** selects an optimal drying course after a wash.

Removes stains
Steam Wash
Use the power of steam to eliminate stains without any pre-treatment. A powerful Steam Wash improves the cleaning quality of your wash. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum, so every item is thoroughly saturated as it rises. It loosens ingrained dirt and ensures even deeper cleaning.

Peaceful washing
VRT Plus
Do your laundry anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Innovative VRT Plus䋢 technology reduces noise and vibration during washes*. A new frame design also provides great stability to minimize noisy movement. And vibration sensing technology detects and reduces vibration from the motor.

Easy troubleshooting
Smart Care
Reduce the cost and inconvenience of broken appliances. Smart Care is an automatic error-monitoring system that you can use anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App*. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions – saving you time and money on repairs**.

Self Clean+
Keep the inside of the washer hygienically clean and fresh. Self Clean+ removes dirt and bacteria in the drum using a combination of soaking, pulsating and spinning. A powerful water jet and a high spin speed also remove dirt from the door gasket*. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning**.

Spend less on cleaning clothes and help protect the planet. The washing machine is ENERGY STAR certified, so you can save money by conserving energy without sacrificing performance or functionality. This also reduces the impact on the environment caused by the consumption of natural resources.

Durable & efficient
Digital Inverter Technology
Purchase Samsung Washers with confidence and receive a 20-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor.

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