SAMSUNG CANADA Bespoke 6.1 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity Front load Washer with Super Speed Wash and AI Smart Dial (WF53BB8700AVUS)


  • Laundry reimagined with a clean, flat-panel design for a washer so beautiful, youÕll want to show it off.
  • 6.1 Cu.Ft. Capacity Washer, largest in its class.
  • Powerful cleaning in just 28 minutes* and achieve a complete wash and dry in under an hour with an added Super Speed Dryer.

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Seamlessly stylish
Enhance your home with a sleek, premium look. The simple and flat design blends harmoniously with any modern interior space and will fit with other appliances and kitchen furniture. You also have the flexibility to install your washer and dryer together either horizontally or vertically.

Laundry design reimagined
Laundry reimagined with a clean, flat-panel design for a washer so beautiful, you’ll want to show it off. Have the flexibility to install your washer and dryer either side by side or stack it with the new Stacking Kit* to complete the seamless look.

Largest capacity in its class
6.1 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity
Wash many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. It has an ultra capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to wash fewer loads and can enjoy more time for yourself.

Wash in 28 minutes.*
Super Speed 2.0
Cut your laundry time in half and clean clothes thoroughly. Use Super Speed to wash a full load in 28 minutes*. A powerful water spray helps detergent penetrate fabrics faster and speeds up rinsing. A larger diameter drum cleans with more force and a Swirl+ pattern extracts water effectively.

Intelligent washing
Smart Dial
Wash laundry easily and effectively with Smart Dial. It personalizes washing by suggesting cycles to suit your habits and periodic and seasonal needs* and displays timely information. It offers advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting on an App**. And it selects the best drying course***.

One control for two*
Control two machines using just one simple control to suit your needs*. When a clothes dryer is stacked up on the washer its MultiControl can be flexibly changed to control either. So you donÕt need to stretch or use a remote control. Simply select the washer or dryer to enjoy easier laundry!

Spend less on cleaning clothes and help to protect the planet. The clothes washer is ENERGY STAR certified. So you can save money by using less energy without sacrificing performance or functionality. This reduces the impact on the environment caused by the consumption of natural resources.

Removes stains
Steam Wash
Use the power of steam to eliminate stains without pre-treatments. The powerful Steam Wash improves the cleaning quality of your wash. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum, so every item is thoroughly saturated as it rises. This loosens ingrained dirt and ensures even deeper cleaning.

Hygienically clean
Self Clean+
Keep the inside of the washer hygienically clean and fresh. Self Clean+ removes dirt and odor-causing bacteria in the drum by soaking, pulsating and spinning. A powerful water jet and a high spin speed also remove dirt from the door gasket*. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning**.

VRT Plus
Do your laundry anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. Innovative VRT Plus䋢 technology reduces noise and vibration during washes*. A new frame design also provides great stability to minimize noisy movement. And vibration sensing technology detects and reduces vibration from the motor.

Drum Light
Empty your washer much more easily – and never misplace another sock! The internal Drum Light brightly illuminates your laundry and the rest of the drum. So you can quickly check the contents and make sure that you get everything out. Now you won’t overlook even the smallest item in the dark.

Durable & efficient
Digital Inverter Technology
Purchase Samsung Washers with confidence and receive a 20-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor.

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